Artisan Country Pine Furniture

All About Pine Wood Furniture

Pinewood is one of the most commonly used types of lumber when making pieces of furniture. It is known for its delicate quality and its light colors. Usually, its shades are of yellow, brown, and white and are often seen with its trademark knots. Nowadays, pine wood is becoming more and more loved and used by a lot of people, especially when talking about furniture making. A potential is seen in this type of wood, and with its inexpensive cost, it is no wonder why pine wood furniture is seen in several houses in a lot of countries today.

In terms of style, pine wood is certainly a very flexible material to work on. It is especially well with rustic designs wherein farm and country themes are being displayed. Modern styles are already practiced as well and many houses are now teeming with chic and contemporary pine wood furnishings. To know more about pine wood, here are its advantages and disadvantages:




Pinewood is definitely one of the most affordable lumbers to buy. If you want to save more and have a great type of wood for a piece of furniture, pine wood is the one for you. It is really inexpensive as compared to other types because it is such an abundant material found mostly in the United States.

Decay Resistant

Even if there are several treatments to resist decaying, pine wood is naturally much better at resisting those unwanted decomposition.


Pine wood certainly does not give you a headache when it comes to driving in nails. Because of its light and easy nature, hammering in nails for some fixing is really not that hard to achieve. Plus, pine wood really holds nails well.

Naturally Designed

It is quite known for a pine wood to have those wonderfully looking knots and lines on its surface. If you are not into paint, a pine’s natural design will never let you down.


Dents, Marks, and Scratches

Because it is much lighter than the other types, pine wood is really susceptible of dents, marks, and scratches. When having pieces of furniture made out of pine wood, you must be really careful in dealing with it.

Moisture Problems

Pinewood definitely needs to be wiped dry when exposed to moisture because its effects might not amuse you at all. Pine wood furniture is prone to humid temperatures and is easily vulnerable to swelling and expanding.