Artisan Country Pine Furniture

Build Your Own Bed Frame Using Pine Wood

If you want your bed to appear vintage though having all the aspects of a modern bed then make sure you purchase the best pine wood that is there as pine wood has the characteristics to look old and rustic. Pine wood frames are sturdy and durable, this is particularly important if you have an extra firm mattress to support. The texture of the pine wood gives it the rustic feel.

Understand about the wood characteristics to create a proper bed frame

This wood is priced reasonably and it comes in yellow and white color but when rubbed heavily the shade changes giving it a rustic appearance. Pine wood is perfect to create your bed frames as it is sturdy wood though it falls under the category of soft wood. Having pine wood beds will give your room the artistic appearance and also the comfort that the bed needs to provide. Have knots created in the pine wood so that bed frame get a new dimension however it is important the knots are created carefully as then tend to reduce the density of the wood. Too many knots in the bed frame can compromise the durability of the frame.

Being decay resistant gives pine wood an edge among other wood types

Pine wood is an affordable wood and is available immediately however to create a bed frame from pine wood requires a lot of workmanship to give it the look you desire, when creating a bed frame from pine wood one needs to create a balance between good quality and appearance as too many knots and design patterns might hamper the sturdiness of the wood density hence keep that in mind when creating your own pine wood frame. Key feature of pine wood is that it is resistant to decay hence the life of pine wood furniture’s are longer compared to other wood types.

We hope this helps you try to build your own bed frame. This is not an easy task and will require you to follow the instructions carefully. Please also remember to use the tools in a safe environment. Preferably an environment with no children around to get in the way.

Please share with us your final product as well as any tips and advice you found handy along the way. Good luck out there handyman and happy sleeping afterwards!