Artisan Country Pine Furniture

Begin and end your day with comfortable, subtle style in your most intimate of rooms. Discover the classic form of a Mission or Sleigh bed, bedside tables and skinny’s as well as stunning dressers and armoires. Be sure to look at the unique Slatted Sleigh Bed!


Build Your Own Bed Frame Using Pine Wood

If you want your bed to appear vintage though having all the aspects of a modern bed then make sure you purchase the best pine wood that is there as pine wood has the characteristics to look old and rustic. Pine wood frames are sturdy and durable, this is particularly important if you have an extra firm mattress to support. The texture of the pine wood gives it the rustic feel.

How do you select the best quality pine wood furniture?

If you want your furniture to turn into a vintage beauty as it ages, pine can be one of your options. Pine is best for its straight grain and fine texture. It is well known for its knots that are usually small and tight. giving it its best rustic look. This could act as a juxtaposition to your biometric gun safe, just ask anyone at Homewares Insider and they will give you the hot tip.
This wood is inexpensive and its color can be yellowish or