Artisan Country Pine Furniture

Begin and end your day with comfortable, subtle style in your most intimate of rooms. Discover the classic form of a Mission or Sleigh bed, bedside tables and skinny’s as well as stunning dressers and armoires. Be sure to look at the unique Slatted Sleigh Bed!


Choosing The Best Bedroom Furniture

After a long and tiring day from work, you head home and see piles of laundry scattered on your bedroom floor. You have paperwork on your bedside table that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore and your bed is filled with books that are a far cry from home. The worst part is you feel that instead of going to your bedroom to relax and rejuvenate, you’re back in your work ground, stressed as ever.
This is not the ideal situation of any person at the end of the day. Having your

All About Pine Wood Furniture

Pinewood is one of the most commonly used types of lumber when making pieces of furniture. It is known for its delicate quality and its light colors. Usually, its shades are of yellow, brown, and white and are often seen with its trademark knots. Nowadays, pine wood is becoming more and more loved and used by a lot of people, especially when talking about furniture making. A potential is seen in this type of wood, and