Artisan Country Pine Furniture

Share time with friends and family around a craftsmen-designed harvest or pedestal table or explore the classic hutches and buffets. Please note that buffets and hutches may be purchased separately or as a pair. Self-storing expansion leaves are available on some tables — please call for more details


Tips in Setting up Your Dining Room Furniture

For families, the most important part of the house is the dining room. This is where the family bond every time during their meals. Also, this is where the family entertains their guests for important gatherings.
When the guests eventually arrive, it is important that there would be a good dining room set to place the silverware.
Here are a few tips on furnishing the dining room:
1. Dining Room Space
First thing to consider is theĀ 

All About Pine Wood Furniture

Pinewood is one of the most commonly used types of lumber when making pieces of furniture. It is known for its delicate quality and its light colors. Usually, its shades are of yellow, brown, and white and are often seen with its trademark knots. Nowadays, pine wood is becoming more and more loved and used by a lot of people, especially when talking about furniture making. A potential is seen in this type of wood, and