Artisan Country Pine Furniture

We are proud to offer a wide selection in timeless furniture for one of the most important rooms in your home. From heritage-inspired entry benches in classic retro finishes to elegant tables, desks, cabinets and more, explore all that Artisan has to offer for your living areas.


Choosing the Ideal Living Room Furniture

Finding the ideal pieces of furniture for your living room can be really exciting and fun to do, but we can never get away with the idea of us being exhausted and stressed out at times. There are instances in which picking a table and chairs that go with it is really hard to do. After all, there are really a lot of pieces of furniture to choose from, and there are certainly several good ones, mak

All About Pine Wood Furniture

Pinewood is one of the most commonly used types of lumber when making pieces of furniture. It is known for its delicate quality and its light colors. Usually, its shades are of yellow, brown, and white and are often seen with its trademark knots. Nowadays, pine wood is becoming more and more loved and used by a lot of people, especially when talking about furniture making. A potential is seen in this type of wood, and