Artisan Country Pine Furniture

How do you select the best quality pine wood furniture?

If you want your furniture to turn into a vintage beauty as it ages, pine can be one of your options. Pine is best for its straight grain and fine texture. It is well known for its knots that are usually small and tight. giving it its best rustic look. This could act as a juxtaposition to your biometric gun safe, just ask anyone at Homewares Insider and they will give you the hot tip.

This wood is inexpensive and its color can be yellowish or whitish but turns into a rustic color as it ages. This wood may not survive the lines kids can make as this wood is soft, but this wood can be great with paints. Here are things to remember when choosing pine wood:

1. Consider your purpose in buying pine wood.

Pine wood is a soft wood and one of the 25 percent of softwoods is good for woodwork purposes. Just like cedar, fir, and spruce, this wood has closed grain or small pores that are not easy to see once the wood product is done. Think of your purpose for buying this type of wood. Would you like to add this to a collection of furniture pieces? Where do you want to put the furniture? It is also good to remember that this type of wood has its limitations.

2. Think of which shade and texture you want to have for your piece.

If you want to let its grain and knots stay visible, you may freely choose from shades of whitish to yellowish shades. Pine wood is great with paint, stain, or varnish and may survive with repainting to cover possible scratches children may make.

3. Check for durability.

It is true that the knots can be a good part of the wood’s design, but it is also important to look for pieces that do not have knots that create a hole in the furniture. The more the knots there are in the piece, the lesser its durability. Although pine wood may survive outdoors, too much exposure to humidity or moisture will make pine warp, so even if you have really chosen a great piece, taking care of that piece is also important.

4. Check the price.

Pieces of furniture built customarily are usually affordable but you can choose from our collection and we can readily deliver the product to your address. The pieces are of great quality but with affordable prices and are ready for shipping.