Artisan Country Pine Furniture

Mowing Around the Pine Trees

It’s mowing season here again at Artisan Country Pine Furniture and we take this time very seriously :). It really makes the shopfront stand out when the grass out front is cut nice and evenly.

For the job, we employ the best zero turn mower on the market, the Husqvarna Z246. Perfect for our 2.5 acres of green lawn that is well watered from the late spring rains and ready for a big trim. It’s a 46 inch cutting deck and equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin engine. This baby has 23 horse power behind it which means it can get up to speeds to 6mph for us to zoom around the front lawn. We lent towards the 46 inch deck because it was a good balance between size and power. The larger decks were a little more expensive as as our yard was not that large we didn’t feel the cost justified the outlay.

What we like about this model is the front LED lights were included in the base package. We often find the shopfront is busy for most of the day, meaning the only time we have is later in the evening to jump on the mower and hit the grass. The lights allow us to mow in the dusk and low light of the summer evenings. It also helps navigate around the two large chairs we have situated on the front lawn.

Compared to our previous mower, the fuel efficiency on these Husqvarnas is great, we found that we can mow for at least a month before having to refuel. The cutting deck also includes a handy hose connector for cleaning on the cutting deck. This makes the maintenance and cleaning much easier as getting to the harder areas under the mower isn’t easy for a larger person like myself.

The mower handles the incline in our yard reasonably well. We read online that these ZTR struggle a little on the steeper slopes, however, our incline is only around 8 degrees, which is under the recommended 10 degrees maximum. We are super happy with this purchase and it has made our lives much easier. It means less time out in the yard and more time in the workshop making our pine word furniture.